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I’ve always found myself most attracted to solving the challenges of color and motion. Shapes and form are more obvious to my eye, but color is so personal. 


There’s a connection between my paintings and ink work, and to the clay pieces I’ve created. I see many of my paintings have taken on a circular motion and momentum as the image goes round and round, just as my eyes and hands do when working with clay on the wheel.


Most of my current paintings are linear with circles nestled within. My paintings have progressed into heavily textured lines that evolve into some form of shape. THE CHAOS IS ORGANIZED. A palette knife creates the texture. Twenty years of being a make-up artist gave me the confidence to mix colors from opposite ends of the spectrum allowing for a limitless rainbow of hues.


Working with ink on yupo paper frees me. Wherever the ink goes is where it goes. The glossy finish is transparent and watery. These pieces are so different than my textured paintings. I feel like I’m swimming through color. When I use ink I work with a squeegee, moving the colors around fast and freely, watching them connect and fuse together.  Art is my method/tool/practice to control the uncontrollable.


Ceramics have been my most recent challenge. I started working with clay in 2018, and fell in love! Creating something on the wheel is addictive, mesmerizing, therapeutic. I often cook and create in the kitchen, and it’s so rewarding to serve on dishes I’ve made.


I grew up in an artsy world: my father is an artist and art director. And now, as an adult, I’m surrounded by inspiration, as my 18 year old daughter and I paint together.

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